Thanking the Bed for a Good Night’s Rest

Lisa Ryan grategy blessings jar“Now when I awaken and before I even open my eyes, I thank the bed for a good night’s sleep.  After all, we have spent the whole night together in comfort.  Then with my eyes still closed, I spend about ten minutes just being thankful for all the good in my life.  I program my day a bit, affirming that everything will go well and that I will enjoy it all.”  Louise L. Hay 

Many times when I ask my audiences how many of them keep a gratitude journal, just a few hands will go up.  Some people will half-raise their hand, saying that they used to keep a journal, but got out of the practice.  Everyone agrees it’s a good idea – as a matter of fact, the action step that most people commit to taking after one of my programs is that they are going to start a gratitude journal.  Does it get done?  I hope so.

Don’t have time?  Reread the above quote from Louise Hay.  Keep your gratitude journal on the nightstand, right next to your bed.  Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, pick up your journal and write down five things that you are grateful for.  Be grateful in advance, setting a positive expectation for the day.  It works.

Take a moment right now.  Grab a piece of paper – any paper will do – and write down five things for which you are grateful. Put a notebook by your bed and tomorrow morning, begin your practice.

Remember, you can start where you are.  If you’re experiencing a difficult time right now and don’t feel very grateful, be thankful for your warm bed.  Appreciate the oxygen you breathe.  Revel in the sunshine.  Wherever you are, know that all is well.

Have fun,


PS – You can do this in less than five minutes a day.  The key is to begin!

PSS – A notebook works fine, but if you’d like a really cool journal to transcribe your thoughts, why not treat yourself to “Express Gratitude, Experience Good: A Daily Gratitude Journal.”

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