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Are your employees actively engaged?

You’ve heard about the crippling labor shortage and “quiet quitting” going on. In fact, you’ve probably seen it first-hand.

But even when hiring is easy, employee engagement and retention are a big deal. They directly impact your culture and your bottom line. 

The problem is many of your best employees…

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort to get new employees in the door. It’s essential that you have the strategies in place to keep them.

Here’s the good news – Lisa Ryan can show you how to do just that.

Using real-world strategies, best practices, and examples, Lisa works with her clients to develop employee and customer retention strategies that work.

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What can Lisa do for your team?


Invite Lisa to inspire (and entertain) your team or association members in a professional speaking engagement.


Equip your leadership with tools and strategies. Available in-person, virtually, and through online courses.


Identify the problem-areas in your workplace culture, then develop a plan to overcome them.

Audience Feedback

“Lisa is a talented and down-to-earth person who can truly speak to any level of audience with her charming and infectious personality. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who mixes laughter with information to create an impressive and memorable presentation that stays with attendees long after they’ve gone home.”
Donna Welz
Human Resource Manager, Tenneco
Retention Expert Lisa Ryan speaking on stage

Become the workplace people love.

Engagement isn't a checkbox, but you can learn tried-and-true strategies to help you build a healthy culture that attract and retains happy employees.
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Book Lisa

Call or email to discuss the right program for your audience and needs. Then get is on the calendar!

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Invite Your People

Bring together your company leadership or association members for a program that inspires and entertains.

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Engage Your Workforce

You audience will walk away with new ideas and fresh perspectives to build a healthier, happier culture.

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Meet Lisa Ryan

Ready for a speaker who can connect to your group because she’s been where your employees are now? Then meet Lisa Ryan, a certified speaking professional with the National Speakers Association who worked for 13 years in industrial sales—with 7 of those in the welding industry.

She’s been passionate about workplace culture for even longer, and she understands the frustration of not being able to find the right people for manufacturing jobs. She’s been fired, she’s quit, and she’s turned those experiences into a remarkable program to help businesses succeed. So talk to Lisa and find out what keeps her ahead of the field.


Manufacturing Engagement

If you are looking for employee engagement ideas, you’re in the right place. Face it; in today’s employee-centric market, your best employees may leave your company (or even the industry) if they are not engaged. That leaves your leadership team with an enormous challenge: finding and keeping your best people from becoming someone else’s. 

In this book, you’ll find 98 proven strategies will help created a more engaged workforce. Open the book to any page and adapt the idea so you can implement it in your workplace.  Use the employee engagement strategies in this book to help your company be an employer of choice. Engagement techniques work – if you work them!

Here are just a few strategies you’ll gain in this valuable resource:

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Stop losing your top talent.

Invite Lisa Ryan to present a powerful keynote, and start building a workplace culture where people feel valued, connected, and committed to your company’s success.