Laugh Early and Often

Lisa Ryan of Grategy domestic catThe most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.” Sebastien-Roche Nicolas Chamfort


Do you think that if all the cat and dog videos disappeared from YouTube that there would be much reason to watch it?  (Just kidding, I sincerely hope you find my videos helpful!)


I have to say, there is nothing that can bring out a belly laugh like an animal video. There’s something about the innocence of the animal’s actions that brings out thesilliness in us.  One of my recent favorites was entitled, “Cat drinking water thewrong way.” This is a thoroughly stupid video.  It’s basically three minutes of a cat drinking water from the kitchen faucet by sticking its head directly under the faucet and licking the water as it dripped down its nose. Really dumb – and HILLARIOUSLY funny.  (Ok, maybe you have to be a cat person to enjoy it so much.)


Anyway, what do you do during your day to add laughter?  If it’s not YouTube, maybe it’s your favorite TV sitcom, like mine is “Big Bang Theory.”  Maybe it’s your kids or you spouse that make you laugh so hard it brings tears to your eyes.  Whatever it is, laugh early and laugh often. Not only does robust laughter make you feel better, it keeps you healthy too!


Take a minute or two and add a touch of humor to your day – or better yet, to someone else’s.


PS – So did you watch the cat drinking water video?

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