Forgiveness Works – If You Work It

Lisa Ryan Grategy forgiveness“Today I consciously forgive myself for my past mistakes. I give thanks for the lessons they have taught me, and I move forward to a greater expression of life.” William Curtiss

Something remarkable happened…I made peace with the one person on the planet with whom I’ve had forgiveness issues. It’s a long story, with events that happened a long time ago, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, the amount of time, effort, and stress that I devoted to disliking this person has vanished. Totally gone. The best part? We’ve become friends.

For twenty years, I forgave this person countless times – in my mind, and on paper. But until you come face-to-face with someone with whom you’ve had issues, you don’t necessarily know how completely those issues can be forgotten. I am grateful that a twist of fate reconnected us, and the shadow of non-forgiveness is now in the light.

Is there someone in your life with whom you are harboring resentment for a wrong committed in the distant past. If so, stop letting that person live rent-free in your head. Release the hurt and the anger, and forgive that person. You have no idea when or how they are going to show back up in your life. Chances are good that one day, they will. Forgiveness prepares you in ways you cannot imagine.


PS – Forgiveness is for you. It works if you work it!

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