Learning to Dance with Whatever Comes Your Way

Lisa Ryan - touching others“Learn to dance with life.  It will dip you and spin you, but when you learn to handle it gracefully, it turns into something beautiful.”  Mary Chloe Schoolcraft Saunders

I was chosen to present a breakout session at a conference.  The coordination of this event started out very rocky and it seemed that everything was going wrong.  Miscommunication about several key items came up and until the last minute, I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen or not.

Then the weirdness started happening.  Tuesday before the conference, I met a person who worked with the conference organizer during a television interview – she was the other guest on the program.  The following day, at an unrelated networking event, I met a woman whose husband served on the board of this organization.  (Ok, ok, I get it!)

I did present and the conference was delightful.  The group was very engaged, played full-out and gave positive feedback about the program.  However, it wasn’t until a woman walked up to me afterwards with tears in her eyes that it all made sense.

She simply took my hand and said, “I knew I was supposed to be here today.”  She just found out some terrible news and wasn’t sure how she was going to handle it.  My presentation gave her the insight she needed at the moment she needed it.  It was a moment of true connection.

Stay tuned for the messages that let you know that you are on the right track.  Little “coincidences” start to happen and if you ignore them, you’ll risk missing the very opportunity you were meant to realize.

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Always remember, there are no coincidences!

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