The simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands

architectural design architecture brick wall bricks 422844One of my “Gratitude Thought of the Week” subscribers shared a wonderful story about reconnecting with a neighbor of hers. “Over thirty years ago, a friend and I stopped talking. There were no arguments, but I divorced, and I think it was too difficult to remain friends. A few months ago, I discovered my friend on Facebook and reached out to her. We began chatting.  Then, this spring I was going to pass close to where she lived when going to see my grandson graduate. I suggested that I stop by and visit. I attended church with her on Sunday and met some of her friends.  She was excited to renew the friendship.

“So after thirty years and lots of history, we saw each other.  It was like the thirty years vanished. Although we do not live close any longer we have renewed our friendship and have become supporters of each other. I believe it’s never too late. Sometimes the other person can be just as apprehensive as you are and afraid of being rejected.  The effort is worth it.”

It’s such a good lesson that there are relationships that we can heal if we make the effort to do so. Is there someone in your life that you’ve had a falling out with – for whatever reason? Maybe it’s time to pick up the phone, send an email, or otherwise connect with that person and rekindle the spark of your friendship.


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