Strength Comes from Indomitable Will  Lisa Ryan Grategy strength“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.” Mahatma Gandhi 

I recently watched a video on YouTube about a gentleman who was a disabled veteran.  Unable to walk without crutches, he could not care for himself without his wife’s help.  He was overweight, out of shape, and depressed. After struggling for many years in this “prison,” he decided to do something about it.  While conducting some online research, he found information on yoga.

He contacted several instructors who turned him down flat, unwilling to subject themselves to the time and dedication it would take to help him. No one believed he could be healed.  Through sheer determination, he found one coach who had faith in him.

Together they recorded his process. Through all his stumbles, tumbles and falls, he began to build strength. He persisted and the transformation is amazing.  He is now a runner who is in the best shape of his life and he feels great.

Even though it would have been “OK” for him to give up after everything he went through, he kept going.  It was his indomitable that turned everything around.

Is there something you are struggling with?  Imagine what your life will look on the other side of this painful situation.  Now that you have the vision of what success looks like, take one little baby-step towards making it happen. Do some research. Ask for help. Be vulnerable. It’s ok – you’re awesome and getting better every day!

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