Have a Spectacular Journey

Lisa Ryan loves markus_pierson_spectacular_journey-1“That many had ventured farther and done so in finer style bothered me not. My journey was my own and I found it to be quite spectacular.”  Markus Pierson

Oftentimes we get into the nasty habit of comparing ourselves to others.  The fact is that there will ALWAYS be people that are doing better than you and there will ALWAYS be people who are worse off than you.  The key is to enjoy who you are, where you are, with what you have.

When I decided to Going out on my own to “make it” as a speaker and author is sometimes scary.  Do I REALLY have what it takes?  After all, this other person has done this and that and is getting all those speaking engagements, what about me?  It’s at those times I remind myself that I will regret more the things I didn’t try, versus just going for it.  Then I dust myself off, get over my big bad self, and move on.  (Self-doubt aside, most of the time, this is a very fun way to make a living!)

What are your hopes and dreams?  Are you holding yourself back because you are comparing yourself to others, or are you enjoying your own journey?  Go for it and make it spectacular!

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Your journey is your own as well.  Are you making it spectacular?


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