When You Do the Things That Others Won’t; You’ll Have the Things that Others Don’t

Lisa Ryan Yes I can, I did it“You must do the things today that others will not do so that you can have the things tomorrow that others will not have.”  Anonymous

In 1987, I worked for an executive search firm in the data entry department.  At that point in my life, I thought I had it all:  a cool title, a business card, and my own office with a door.  Life was grand.

After awhile, the title, card, and office were no longer enough, and I entered the ‘glamorous’ world of sales.  My very first sales job was at a placement agency, “selling secretaries.” It turned out to be a disaster, but I liked sales, I was learning a lot, and I persisted.

For several years, I failed miserably in sales. It wasn’t until my fourth sales job that I experienced success.  Finally, I enjoyed what I did AND had all the perks of the successful rep.   Life was grand once again.  Persistence paid.

Another great example:  Jack Canfield contacted 144 publishers with his Chicken Soup for the Soul book before he finally got one to accept it.  Where do you think Jack would be if he had stopped after sending it to 100 publishers?

Be grateful today for your persistence.  If you’re not exactly where you want to be in your life, but you’re taking baby steps towards your goal – you’ll get there.  Enjoy the journey and ultimately you’ll reach your destination.

Have fun,

Lisa Ryan


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Others may not understand your journey, it’s ok.  Persist anyway.

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