Asking is one half of the mantra, the other half is being willing to receive

attitude is everything post it notes“Asking is one half of the mantra, the other half is being willing to receive.  Listen and be ever alert, for when the universe answers, it may be in the language of little synchronicities that guide you toward a solution.  Ask knowing that an answer is forthcoming.  Then be ever alert to catch it.”  D. Trinidad Hunt

I reached the point in my career when I wanted to leave my inside sales position for an outside sales job.  I sent out some resumes and set up an interview for an interesting job in the welding industry.

The morning of my interview, one of my cats had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  Unfortunately, the cancer had spread and she died on the operating table.  I cried up until an hour before the interview, then I cleaned myself up and went to meet my future employer, Dale.

The interview went great and I told Dale that if there was going to be a second interview, it would have to be at night.  I explained that I took the day off work because one of my pets died that morning.  Dale asked me what I had, and I told him, “It was my cat.” He replied, “I’m sorry to hear that, I have four cats.”  That pretty much sealed the deal. Little synchronicities led me to this position, and I stayed there for six years.

Think about the events that happened in your life as a series of coincidences conspired to work out in unexpectedly brilliant ways.  When you listen to your inner voice, pay attention to what is going on around you, and know that your answer is forthcoming.  Your answer always shows up.

Have fun


Of course, it doesn’t always happen as quickly or in the ways that we expect it to happen – just know that when you get your answer, it will be perfect.




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