The power of your mind to dream is one of your greatest gifts

Lisa Ryan Power of Your mind“The power of our minds to dream, to imagine and to create visions is one of our greatest and most important gifts. For out of the realm of the imagined can come the ideas we can use to create everything from a work of art, to a life-changing discovery.” Morgan Simone

We all know the importance of having a dream. Think about the number of times you let your dreams be dashed by someone who didn’t have the capacity to envision it with you. Did you continue to pursue your dream, or did you try to find one that was more “realistic?”

An associate and I were discussing my aspirations for my speaking career. When I shared with her what I wanted to accomplish, she quickly brought out a calculator and proceeded to tell me how naive I was being for having such lofty goals. Instead of being sucked up into this negativity, I changed the subject and we moved on. By choosing to ignore her, I allowed myself to protect my dream.

We want to see the highest and best for ourselves, but we have to deal with that little voice inside our heads asking, “What makes you so remarkable?

PLEASE KNOW THIS: You are remarkable. Your dreams count. You WILL exceed your wildest expectations by believing in yourself and taking requisite action towards your goal. If you have naysayers and calculator-carriers in your life, minimize your contact with them. Surround yourself with people who have large dreams of their own and support each other. The people you surround yourself with make all the difference.

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