Time well-spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation.

pexels mateusz dach 914929“Time well-spent results in more money to spend, more money to save, and more time to vacation.” Zig Ziglar

Here’s how Leslie found thankfulness during a past vacation.

“I was in Florida last week and I just have to share the impact that your grategy sessions have had on me. Vacation night one: After waking up at 3:30 am to fly out and then spending a great day at the pool/beach – we were all exhausted and decided to turn in early for the night. We had a king-size bed and a roll away cot to share between the four of us because they did not have any balcony, ocean view rooms with 2 queen beds and we decided the view was worth it.

“We got to sleep around 8:30 and around 11 p.m. we were woken up by an awful sound that at the time I had no idea what it was. I jumped up, flipped on the light, and saw my 8-year-old had literally projectile vomited ALL over the place – including his sister sleeping next to him, his stuffed animals…..his bed was covered, blankets, pillows, everything! The 5-year-old starts crying because she has vomit on her and is scared she’s going to get sick. My 8-year-old is crying because he feels bad and has no idea what happened (he never even woke up, I had to wake him).

“We stripped the bed and threw everything in the hallway, cleaned everywhere there was the mess, and calmed both of the kids, who at this point were barely keeping their eyes open. My son laid down on a cot and we had to cover him with a robe because we had no more blankets. My daughter fell asleep on top of me in the chair I was sitting in as we were waiting for housekeeping to come and bring us new bedding and make up our bed.

“I was sitting there with a huge smile on my face thinking, I seriously don’t even care about the crazy chaos that just occurred. My little guy is fine and adorably curled up on the cot and my little girl is resting so peacefully on me. We are on VACATION at the beach and I am SO GRATEFUL for these moments that I get to share with them. There is no place I’d rather be.”

Wow! Tired, cranky, messy, and still able to appreciate the moment. THAT’S gratitude. Thanks, Leslie for sharing your story. I’m sure you made a lot of moms and dads smile today.

PS – When you develop the habit of gratitude, it makes it a lot easier to find it – no matter what happens!

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