Stumbling is Just Part of the Dance

girls falling Lisa Ryan Chief Appreciation Strategist GrategyWhen you stumble just make it part of your dance.” Sharon Smith

In July of 2011, my niece Katie got married.  At the reception, my father and I did his favorite dance – the jitterbug.  During one of his “moves,” he pushed me away from him, and expected me to hold onto his hand. Unfortunately, I lost my grip and ended up flat on my butt.  I laughed, got up and we continued dancing the night away.  That particular wedding reception sticks in my mind because one month later my dad had a massive stroke and I wasn’t sure if we would ever dance together again.

Fast forward to October of 2014.  My niece Kristy got married and once again, my dad and I had the opportunity to dance. We are not skilled or graceful on the dance floor, and I probably crushed his toes a couple times, but we both stayed upright and had a wonderful evening. I’m very grateful that we were given another dance.

Isn’t it funny how these kinds of moments come back to us, reminding us of the good that is in our lives? Take some time today to appreciate the special times, events and people in your life. You don’t always get a second chance or another dance.

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Treasure your moments, they are more precious than gold.

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