Manufacturing Engagement – Acknowledge tenure in smaller increments.

1713860 gold starTo keep employees longer, try rewarding shorter terms of tenure. Depending on your turnover rate, why not give recognition for one-year or three-years of service – instead of waiting for a five-year anniversary before you acknowledge them.

Organizations who give service awards generate employee morale. Make a big deal of the event. A service award handed out without some sort of pomp and circumstances does not achieve the same effect as those that are publicly extended.

The acknowledgment doesn’t have to be big. A signed card by the leadership team with a personal note may be a nice touch – particularly if it is sent to them at home.

Action Ideas:

  1. Write it down. Have all your employees and managers sign an Anniversary card and encourage them to write a personal note on the card. Form letters do not have the same effect.
  2. Give a gift. Present your staff member(s) with a special token of your appreciation for his/her years of dedicated service.
  3. Let them eat cake. Find out what kind of cake or special treat your employee enjoys most and bring that to. Make sure you personalize the cake with their name and years of service.


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