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1861367 share the detailsMake sure that upper-level management is aware of significant employee contributions. When hourly workers receive an acknowledgment from leadership, they feel valued, simply by realizing that their boss is paying attention to who they are and what they do.

The recognition needs to be timely to be meaningful. When Renee won a national sales contest, it took her manager three weeks to personally congratulate her. By then, it was way too late. A short while later, she left the company.

According to a Harris Poll of 1000 workers, 63% of employees feel that they do not receive recognition for their achievements. Forty-seven percent say their managers take credit for their ideas and 36% say their managers don’t know their names. How do you prevent your workers from joining these statistics? Read on.

Action Ideas:

  1. Ensure the amount of recognition matches the effort and the results. Overpraising for average performance makes the attempt less meaningful.
  2. Be specific. Let your team member know the details of what they did to deserve such praise.
  3. Copy upper management on the congratulatory emails you send to staff. Encourage leaders to send a positive reply to the employees recognized.


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