Manufacturing Engagement – Treat your staff better than you treat your customers.

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Remember, your employees are your internal CUSTOMERS. How you take care of them is a good indication as to how they will treat your clients.

I worked for a manufacturer that put their priorities in this order – Employees, Customers, Leadership. That is exactly correct. Take care of your staff and treat them fairly. Exceed their expectations. When you set high standards for workers and empower them to do the right thing, they will treat your customers with the same regard.

As tough as it is to hear, leadership is third on the list. The better you make your employees look, the better they will make you look. Also, remember to share the credit and accept the blame. Nothing is worse than a manager who throws their employees under the bus. If your employees are not doing their job well, the problem may be you.

Action Ideas:

  1. Want to know what would make your employees happy? Ask them.
  2. Make sure you maintain your employee gathering areas as well you take care of management and client areas.
  3. Let your team know how much you appreciate their contributions to the company.


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