Manufacturing Engagement – Watch your facial expressions.

Smiley faces buttonsSmile. Greet your employees with a friendly face. People can not only see a smile; they can “hear” one as well, so remember this while you’re on the phone.

Author, Tonya Reiman says, “Smiling demonstrates confidence, openness, warmth, and energy. It also sets off the mirror neurons in your listener instructing them to smile back, she says. Without the smile, an individual is often seen as grim or aloof.”

Your employees react to the expression they see on your face. When you are concentrating on what they are saying, with your brows furrowed, they may think you are angry with them. Try to keep your expression as neutral as possible when you are listening to what staff has to say.

Action ideas:

  1. Make a point to say, “Hello,” using your employee’s name. Smile or at least nod when you walk by them. Your staff will see you as more friendly and approachable.
  2. Keep a mirror by your phone and make sure you are smiling when you are speaking on the phone. It literally changes your tone of voice.
  3. Be aware of the fact that the corners of your mouth tend to turn down at the corners as you age. Focus on keeping a neutral expression.


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