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“When we tell someone we appreciate them, we create a memory. When we write it down, we create a treasure.”  Lisa Ryan

Of all the nice things you can do for someone today, the hand-written note is the one that can have the most long-lasting impact.  Consider this – you glance through your mail pile… junk mail, junk mail, bill, bill, CARD.  Which do you open first?  If you’re like most people you went straight to the card.  Why?  Because we don’t receive personalized communication through the mail often enough.

The preponderance of email in our society means that most communication can be eliminated by the push of the “delete” button.  It’s rare that someone takes the time to print off an email.  It’s not a warm, fuzzy way to communicate.  It’s the handwritten note or customized card that shows how much we care.

Who needs to hear from you today?  Take a deep breath and ask yourself the question.  Someone will pop into your mind – your spouse, a child, a coworker, a client.  Whoever it is, write that person a note.   Tell them how much you love/appreciate/support them and the reasons why.  Send or give the letter to them.  Chances are that that letter will be kept for a long time, in a very special place.

Make it a point to write at least one thank you note this week.  Let’s create some treasure together. Feel free to share your feedback as to how it went.

Have fun,


You have no idea what kind of power you have to make someone else’s day.