Letting the Balls Drop

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The hardest thing to learn is not “how to juggle,” but how to let the balls drop.  Anthony Frost               

“My name is Lisa and I am a multitask-aholic.”  (Hi, Lisa…)  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a support group where we could all come together and share the burdens of having to do everything all at once?

Although we feel we are accomplishing more when we work on several projects at once, we are actually less productive.  Research shows that chronic multitaskers have trouble ignoring irrelevant information (oops, time to check my email, I’ll be right back.)  They have trouble organizing their working memory and they switch from one task to another inefficiently.  My own multitasking leads to more stress, less sleep and a feeling of always being on the hamster wheel.  When will it all stop???

So how do you break the multitasking habit?  According to a great skit that Bob Newhart did several years ago on Mad TV, there are two words that will cure you – STOP IT!  S-T-O-P (new word) I-T!  It’s a magical mindset and for me, a constant reminder.

Before eating dessert I’ll ask myself the question: “Are the calories worth it?” Using that same mindset, we can make better choices with our activities – ”Is my time worth it?” Choose to work on things that are most important to you and your goals first, and be willing to let other things go.  Start saying “no” more often so you have the time to give your full attention to each task.  You’ll feel much better about yourself, your time will become more of your own, and you can once again become a human BEING instead of a human DOING.

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Which balls will you let DROP today?


Yes, there are bosses, children and spouses out there that won’t necessarily agree with the ”balls” you decide to drop.  Start with tasks that don’t involve others to develop your “STOP IT” muscle.  You’ll have the strength to control what you are spending your precious time doing.

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