Real Relationships or Just a Virtual Embrace?

Lisa Ryan Grategy embrace“Discover the fulfillment of intimate relationships with flesh-and-blood neighbors and teammates in concrete place and time, and we escape the pressure of mainstream media to channel intimacy only as virtual embrace.” Jose Panate-Aceves and John Hayes

Nancy shares her neighborly experience, “I got divorced 8 years ago. The house we lived in is rather large and has a decent sized yard. My co-workers thought that I should sell my house and downsize to a smaller place. Their opinion was that “It was just a house.” I did not sell and here is the reason why:

“I have some of the best neighbors anyone could have. My best friend lives three doors up and there are six or seven other neighbors that, if I needed something, no matter what it would be, I could call them and one of them would help me. The support system we have among that small group is wonderful! So, to me, it was not “just a house” it was much more than that.

“I am very grateful for my neighborhood. (Of course, we have those couple neighbors that we all wish would move out, but all neighborhoods have those.)”

Neighborhoods host a wide variety of people, belief systems and lifestyles.  Today make it a goal to concentrate on what’s good about your community instead of nit-picking about the little annoyances. If there are people you’d like to get to know better, invite them over for a cup of coffee, or bring over some fresh bakery.  Friendships take awhile to grow and form, and when you can keep them close to home, you’ll make for a much happier homestead.

When you know your neighbors, you not only create a stronger community, you create a safer place to live as everyone looks out for everyone else.  Don’t know your neighbors well?  Find a reason to get together and let the friendship begin!

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Fresh baked cookies, a glass of wine, a small get-together – no reason is too small to strike up a conversation.

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