The Treasure That Follows You Everywhere

Lisa Ryan Grategy treasure“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Proverbs

What is the last thing you’ve learned?  A better question is: how long has it been since you studied something new?  If it’s been awhile, there’s no time like the present to shift your brain back into knowledge mode.

You may be thinking, “Lisa, you don’t know how busy my life is.  I don’t have time to study.  I have bills to pay, kids to take care of, a house to clean. It’s all that I can do just to keep up with the paperwork.”

That’s all fine and good, and believe me, I understand.  However, here are some tips for generating more time to stimulate your brain, learn something new, and improve your life:

1.  Turn off the radio.  Listen to audio books instead.  You can find audio programs on anything you want to learn – even a new language.  Transform your car into a “university on wheels.”  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can become an expert in a new subject.

2.  Turn off the TV – especially the news.  No matter how much TV you are currently watching, try to cut it in half.  Use that time to read or watch an educational or personal development DVD. Infiltrate your mind with positivity instead of the murder, mayhem, blood and gore of the evening news.  You’ll sleep better too.

3.  Get up an hour earlier than everyone else in your house and take advantage of your “me time” to journal, to read, or to study something new.  Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea in the stillness of your house and you’ll be surprised at how much better your day goes.

Maybe you don’t want to go “cold turkey” on the TV, radio, or sleeping in.  Challenge yourself to do one of these things, one day this week.  If you like it, go a little longer next week.  You’ll probably find you don’t miss those things as much as you think!

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