Gratitude Thought – Hometown Memories

“Wherever you go, your memories from the place you grew up in always remain special.” Guru Randhawa

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling Facebook, and a saw a post from one of the groups I’m a member of – “You know you’re from Maple Heights if.” I’m not sure if my favorite teacher started the group, but he’s the reason I joined several years back.

I came across a post from an alum who wanted to do a field trip to the Maple Heights Historical Society – a “little red school house” in the city. I checked my calendar, and surprisingly enough, I had the day and time open to attend. Without knowing the guy who posted it, or expecting to know anyone who was attending, I went.

The only time I was in the historical society is when I cleaned out my dad’s house in 2018 and donated two of my dad’s miniature homes to them. One was a replica of the little red school house itself, and the other was a Maple Heights 1940’s-stype bungalow. I had no ideas what to expect, as the place was kind of a mess back then, and I wanted to check it out.

When I walked in and saw both of my dad’s houses on display for all to see, I cried. It was so nice to reconnect with the talent and the love he had for woodworking. I also got to act as a semi-guide, proudly showing off my dad’s work and telling people about him and the many miniature homes he built – 61 of them to be exact.

I’m very grateful I went. I got to meet people who graduated in the 50s and 60s, along with a few friends from the 80s. I also found a photo album from my elementary school and found pictures of me from kindergarten, first, and second grades. Yes, I took pictures of the pictures!

It’s been said you can take the person out of their hometown, but you can’t take the hometown out of the person, and I agree. It’s nice to reconnect with my roots and experience some of my shared history with others.

What are you grateful for this week?

Have fun,


PS – Here are the houses in the historical society as well as the dollhouse my dad made of the house I grew up in.

Both houses in MH Historical Society

Little red school house

Lisa with houses 25

IMG 3628

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