Turning Gratings into Gratitude

Lisa Ryan Gratitude laughing“One of the surest signs of gratitude is laughter.   Humor is a great way to turn gratings into gratitude.” Peter McWilliams

Recently I went to South Carolina for a full day of business-building activities.  I was there to shoot my professional videos (complete with hair and makeup – very cool), mastermind with the three other people in the group, and get media coaching.  We all shared our passion for what we do – speak, teach, and train.

Well, three of us shared our exuberance with laughter, humor and fun.  And then, there was “John.”  John had to be one of the sternest people I have ever met.  He was there to shoot videos for a clinic he was going to open, one that he needed some funding to get off the ground.  However, John NEVER smiled.

John explained, “My parents didn’t smile, my grandparents didn’t smile…” It was almost like he was justifying 200 years of family history of non-smiling people.  And since they never smiled, he never felt the need to either.  Wow, isn’t it time to break the mold?

Can you imagine going through life without the slightest glint of joy emanating from your face?  Do you think that if you want other people to support you, showing a smile of gratitude would help?  Are you that concerned about the smile lines and crow’s feet that may result from a change in facial expression?

We feel better physically when we smile.  Try it now – there’s nobody looking at you, I promise.  Put a big ole grin on your face, and if you really want to go for broke, laugh.  You’ll feel better, and no one will get hurt!

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Life is too short not to enjoy the ride while we’re here….SMILE!

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