Appreciate the daily miracles of life.

giraffe 2064520 640“Appreciate the daily miracles of life.” Lailah Gifty Akita

Although millions of people – including my mother – were waiting with breathless anticipation for April the Giraffe to give birth, I admit, I did not pay a lick of attention (pun intended) to the event. One  Saturday, I happened to be checking Facebook and came across a live feed of “Giraffe Cam.”

“Oh, I’ll just check this out for a few minutes.”

The baby was starting to emerge, so I thought, “this shouldn’t take too long.” For the next hour and a half, I watched, totally engrossed in the miracle happening in front of me – and the rest of the world. When the baby finally exploded into the world, he thudded to the ground from about a six-foot drop. He laid there for minute – motionless. I held my breath. Then he moved! I sobbed like a baby. Wow!

There were lots of things I could have been doing instead of being glued to Facebook. I’m so glad I gave myself permission to witness this gift of birth.

Are you so busy focusing on your work and everything that “needs to be done” that you’re missing out on the little joys of life? Why not take some time to do something totally mindless? It just may end up bringing you tears of joy.

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PS – Best part? I called my mother right afterward, and we shared our experiences of delight together.

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