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“To succeed everyday, just focus on what you need to do and all the obstacles that seem impossible to get through will disappear like dust in the wind.” Isaiah Hayden

Imagine you are in charge of a large national conference. On the second day, you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the “fun night” party, complete with a live band that is supposed to start at 6:30. At 6:15 you get a call that the guitar player is sick and unable to play.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re my client, John. You pick up the guitar, join the band and rock the house. Much to the surprise and delight of his association’s members, John not only hired the entertainment, he WAS the entertainment. He was amazing – much to the relief of the remaining band members and lead singer – as he literally saved the event.

When life takes an unexpected turn, do you freak out or go with the flow? Sometimes we receive opportunities to make connections with others in the most unexpected ways.

Take a chance today.

Have fun,



PS – Sometimes you just have to play!