Why Saying “No Problem” is a Problem

http://www.grategy.com Lisa Ryan grategy gratitude in the field“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

We know how good it feels when someone thanks us. As an employee, we feel engaged when our employee recognizes our contributions. As a spouse or significant other, we remember not to take our loved ones for granted. It also feels great when we share our thankfulness with someone else. It’s important to realize that completing the cycle of appreciation starts with your language. Think about it – when someone says “Thank you,” what is the correct response?  It’s “you’re welcome,” right? What do you hear instead?  “No problem,” “no worries,” “yep,” “just doing my job,” “it was nothing.” Saying “No problem” is a problem. Stop it!

When someone says “thank you,” they are giving you a gift. When you say, “It was nothing,” you are taking their gift and throwing it back into that person’s face.  From now, until the end of time, remember this. Simply say “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure.” When you change your language, you’re completing the cycle of appreciation.

This simple technique has the power to change the culture of your organization. It strengthens relationships. It improves your health. All this and so much more comes down to these four simple words – “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” If you’re out of the habit of saying, “You’re welcome,” start today.

PS – If you’re a “no problem” person, STOP IT!

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