Top Three Employee Engagement and Retention Articles for the week of November 7, 2016

Here are my top three picks for amazing employee engagement ideas and strategy articles for the week:

Do Your Employees “Live the Brand?”

(Training Journal) “You need to freshen your approach, consider how you do business, consult with staff on how you can do things better, and what way forward your business should go. The mission, vision and values should be intrinsic to your business and company culture. The brands that have the best employee ambassadors are the ones that hand over some autonomy and allow staff to make decisions.”

My Thoughts:  You’ll get ten great tips for building engagement over time.

Changing the Conversation about Employee Engagement

(OC Tanner Blog) “This is simply human nature. We all have an innate desire to feel valued. When we are part of something great, we are then naturally inclined to be engaged to satisfy that desire. The new question we need to be asking is, “How can I get my employees involved in meaningful, great work?”.”

My Thoughts: I love that this article addresses that employee engagement is not just an item to be checked off a list.

Employee disengagement is not a single cause issue – deal with it

(Diginomica) “Can any company ever have 100% of its workforce fully engaged? Maybe – if the company has only one employee and only measures engagement on the right day. Otherwise, some percentage of workers will be disengaged at any time. And, some people will just be curmudgeons no matter what programs a company has. That’s an important point as some folks who do great work and are very productive, just like to carp about their job/boss.”

My thoughts:  Stop trying to make everyone happy 100% of the time, it’s not going to happen.


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