When we get free, when our minds are clear, all it leaves is gratitude and how can I help?

woman in front of table 1267315“That’s what my life is about now. When we get free, when our minds are clear, all it leaves is gratitude and how can I help?” Byron Katie

All the attendees of a speaker boot camp gathered for a group photo. Thinking this would be a great gift, I went to the Walgreen’s website to order copies. I verified that the store was open until 11:00 pm and took an Uber to pick up my photos.

It turns out that the store I talked to, and the store I ordered from were not the same. Big oops. I dejectedly stood in front of a store that closed ten minutes before, waiting for a return Uber to take me back to the hotel. The store manager walked out, ready to lock up for the night. He saw my face and asked me what was going on.

When I told him about my photo emergency, he asked, “Will you promise to stop back tomorrow and pay for the pictures?” “Absolutely!” I replied. He went back into the store, gave me my photos and the next day, after giving everyone their special memento, I got a ride back to Walgreens and paid up.

Customer service stories like these are the ones that create loyalty and dedication to a brand. Would you have been the clerk who told me there was nothing she could do? Or would you have been the manager that broke the rules and took care of the customer? Did the manager take a risk by giving me photos I did not pay for? Yes. Did he do the right thing anyway? Yes!

Be the person who errs on the side of taking care of someone else. You’ll do the right thing AND be a hero.

Have fun


PS – You don’t need a cape to be a hero.

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