Thinking About Quitting?

Lisa Ryan Grategy baton“It’s always too early to quit. Norman Vincent Peale

In whatever business you are in right now, think about the people who are the most successful doing what you do. Before you start negatively comparing yourself to these people, ask yourself a couple questions: “How long have they been in the industry?”, “What hurdles have they overcome?”, “What are they doing that’s different from everyone else?”

Oftentimes it simply pays to be the last one standing. People who have been successful over the long haul have battled self-doubt, overcome obstacles, and persisted despite downturns in the economy. They kept going, even when it was hard.

I once debatedwith a friend of mine who insisted that not everyone could make it in their chosen profession. She contended that sometimes people have no choice but to give up. I countered with the fact that you ALWAYS have a choice. You can choose to go back to school while everyone else is watching TV. You can choose to work towards your dream while your friends choose to play. You can strive to be just a little better today than you were yesterday when everyone else chooses to stagnate.

When you look at the most successful people you know, remember that they paid a significant price for their achievements. You always have a choice.  If quitting is not an option, you will succeed – even if it’s not in exactly the way that you originally imagined it would be.

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Listen to your heart, take requisite action, DON’T QUIT, and you will achieve the success you seek.

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