The Essence of Beautiful Art

Lisa Ryan Grategy art“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” Friedrich Nietzsche

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a magnificent place. Although it has recently gone through a $350 million renovation and is even more fabulous than before, my fondest memories of it are from my childhood.

We went to the Art Museum A LOT when we were kids. Years later, I figured out the reason we went there so often was that it was somewhere we could go for FREE. Fortunately we all loved going there – particularly the armor gallery, which is still my favorite place in the museum.

I am thankful for the time, the talent, and the treasures that each artist contributed to the Cleveland Museum of Art, as well as all of the museums and galleries around the world. Artistic expression is in our nature, and yet how many times do we neglect our calling to express our own talents?

What do you like to do creatively? Do you write? Paint? Knit? Draw? When was the last time you took the time and allowed yourself to indulge in your own creativity? This week make a point to carve out an hour for yourself to do what you love. Even if you just buy the paints or the canvas, take a baby step to unleash your imagination. Then schedule uninterrupted time to play and let yourself go. Tell your inner critic to take a hike, you don’t need him or her. This time is for YOU and you alone. Enjoy it!

Have fun,


No matter what you create, it is YOUR masterpiece.

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