That is your legacy when you leave this Earth: how many hearts did you touch.

hands 4573574 640“That is your legacy when you leave this Earth: how many hearts did you touch.” Patti Davis

Everything you do makes a difference. No matter how big or small, you create moments for others – and those moments are the foundation of your legacy.

When reflecting upon her life’s journey, Linda shared, “As far as a legacy – I hope someone will comment about something I have done that is outside of my regular, introverted self.

“I hope that at least one youth I have helped calls me Puppet Lady and remembers when we made up our own puppets and wrote a Christmas Program complete with commercials.  Most of those children were also introverts, I hope they smile and are glad that they too stepped out of their comfort zone. It was a blast.

“I hope that my Kiwanis friends will think that I have served the community and made a difference in a child’s life.

“I hope that my family and friends laugh until they cry when they share stories.  Most of all I hope that the good and happy are far greater than any pain and sadness or negativity.”

What do you do to bring joy and to create memories for others? Take some time today to appreciate yourself and the things you do to create happiness in the world.

You rock!

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PS – Your gratitude journal is probably a good source of ideas for the good that you do in the world.

PPS – What’s the difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction?

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