The Gift-Giving Experiences of Life

balloon and ribbon“A person however learned and qualified in his life’s work in whom gratitude is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes personality fragrant.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

Think about the occasions when you gave presents to children. Isn’t it true that some gift-giving experiences are better than others?

Perhaps you can relate to one (or both) of these situations: You give a present to a child – she greedily rips open the package, carelessly takes the gift out of the box, glances at it for a split second and then demands to be bestowed the next present. Do you feel good about your gift-giving experience?

Another child relishes opening each gift. He carefully takes your present out of the box and squeals with delight. The sheer joy of receiving your gift distracts him to the point that he needs to be coaxed to put it to the side and open the next gift. How do you feel about this transaction? Which child would you be more likely to give gifts to in the future?

Isn’t it true that many adults are just grown-up versions of these kids? It’s much more rewarding when your recipients shows heartfelt gratitude for your gift – whether it’s your time, your talent, or your presents. When others carelessly toss aside your efforts, it doesn’t feel good and you are less likely to help them in the future.

Remember to express your gratitude early and often. You’ll make yourself and others happier and you will open yourself up to receive more from the presents and presence of others.

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Squeal with delight – it’s sure to bring a smile!



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