The Power of an Attitude of Gratitude

Lisa Ryan Grategy driving“Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.” Estonian Proverb

Do you ever wonder if your gratitude practice is working? You may not feel that anything has changed – until life throws you a curveball. It’s at that point when you realize that you now look at situations much differently than you did before you began looking for the good.

Long time reader Lisa shares, “I have been working on maintaining an attitude of gratitude and receiving your emails for the last couple of years. This past weekend both of my college-aged children were involved in automobile accidents. Another driver plowed into the passenger side of my daughter’s car, and my son’s car slid off the road into a guardrail while he was visiting Canada, hundreds of miles away. All I could think of was how grateful I am. God chose to destroy two cars rather than two lives. My precious children are completely unharmed. I couldn’t be happier about His choice!”

“Destroying two cars instead of two lives” – Wow! That’s a positive attitude! Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this valuable lesson.

The cool thing about sharing these Gratitude Thoughts every week are the amazing stories that I have the privilege of hearing from my subscribers when they experience the benefits of genuine appreciation. Keep up your great work!

PS – If you’ve had an experience where gratefulness has helped you get through a difficult time; I’d love to hear about it.  Thank you!

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