Manufacturing Engagement – Learn from and benchmark your top performers

2010704 top performerWhen you notice your “rock star” employees accomplishing great things, take the time to learn what they are doing differently from everyone else. Incorporate their ideas and methods into new hire training. Utilize these best practices to benchmark what other departments and different shifts are doing. Always look for ways to improve your processes.

If one employee figures out a tactic that works, don’t let his/her efforts go to waste. If that person is doing something well, then there’s a good chance that you can use those same ideas for others in your facility.

Questions to ask:

1. What motivates you about your job?
2. What challenges you?
3. How/what do you delegate to others?
4. How do you communicate with your team?
5. What shortcuts have you discovered?
6. What resources do you still need?
7. How can we help?

What do you want to learn from your top talent?

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