Manufacturing Engagement – “I love to be micromanaged,” said no employee ever!

1838957Don’t be what Peggy Drexler of Forbes refers to as a “helicopter boss.” When you hover over your employees, you create a barrier to trust. Yes, you want to check in with your staff regularly, but give them space. Show them that you trust them, and be there for them when they need your support.

Successful leaders look to the fact that the job is getting done correctly. They are not necessarily concerned with how it gets done. Give your employees the opportunity to do things the way they see fit. After all, if the employee completes the job on time and on budget, does it really matter if it’s not done exactly the way you would have done it?

Action Steps:

  1. If you tend to be a control freak, look for one “baby step” you can take to release control and let your employees succeed (or fail) on their own.
  2. Write down the traits that you admire in your favorite boss of all time. What can you do today to let those traits come out in you?
  3. Give your staff opportunities to develop new skills. Note their strengths and let them further develop the skills they already have.

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