Manufacturing Engagement – Hold yourself and your managers to high standards.

help up bar graphLead by example in all you do. Problems arise when managers do not follow the precedent they expect others to adhere to. Reasons for bad behavior may range from a lack of knowledge to overall sloppy practices. Correct whatever needs to be fixed and set the standard for excellence.

When supervisors ignore important quality measures in production or are continually allowing the shop floor to be disorganized, it is detrimental to the company’s future. Your actions do speak louder than your words, so as Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see.”

Encourage 360-degree feedback and take heed of what employees share with you. Look for the golden nuggets in the responses you receive. Accept any criticism with “Thank you for sharing” and nothing more. If you argue, they will never give you their honest opinions again.

Action Ideas:

  1. Always take responsibility. Share the credit, accept the blame. Don’t throw your employees under the bus.
  2. Praise early and often. Catch team members “in the act” of doing things well.
  3. Roll up your sleeves. Do your part and pitch in. You set the example when you make sure that what needs to get done, gets done.

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