Manufacturing Engagement – Create an onboarding process that rocks!

1962214The chances are good that when your employee accepted your job offer, they were probably interviewing at other places too perhaps even with your competitors. Just because they took your job doesn’t mean that the calls with other offers will stop.

In the first two weeks of work, your employees are deciding if they really want to stay. If they get an offer from another company that sounds better than what they have with you, you will lose them. All that time, money and effort you spent in hiring them will go for naught.

Some organizations have gone so far as to create viral videos showing what it’s like to work there. Why not have some fun and show your candidates and new hires what a terrific organization they can join if they come on board with your company.

Ideas for better onboarding:

  1. Connect with new hires before they start
  2. Make their first day memorable
  3. Introduce them across department lines
  4. Ease them into the paperwork
  5. Define expectations early and often
  6. Ask for their feedback
  7. Give them time to adjust to their new role
  8. Communicate your culture to make sure they fit

Make sure that your new employee’s first day is not leading up to their last day too quickly.

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