Manufacturing Engagement – Be open and honest in sharing information.

1678647 firedA company went through a restructuring. Instead of keeping employees in the loop, they announced the move through two conference calls. During the first call, twelve people found out their jobs were “eliminated, effective immediately.” During the second call, the HR Manager read the names of their colleagues caught up in the downsizing to the remaining staff.

Because everyone was caught unaware, it took the staff a long time to rebuild any sense of trust with leadership. Employees met every conference call with suspicion. They attended every meeting with a sense of fear.
If the organization had been up front and let their employees know that some changes may be coming, they could have minimized the long-term damage.

Action ideas:
1. Employees may not always like what you must tell them. Be upfront and tell them anyway.
2. When you restructure your organization for financial reasons, ask your employees for ideas on how to make a smoother transition. You may be surprised with their creativity and insight.
3. Make sure any employees you release due to cutbacks are thanked for their service and taken care of financially as much as you can.

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