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It’s a part of human nature, whatever we have, we always seem to want just a little more. We compare our “stuff” – house, car, education – even our children, or lack thereof – to what others have. What if, just for today, you focused, I mean really focused on all of the good you have in your life.

Looking at life from a standpoint of prosperity and gratefulness not only changes our attitude, over time, it rewires our brain. My own gratitude practice, which I’ve been doing for ten years now, definitely has changed my perspective. Something “bad” happens, and I look for what good can come out of the situation.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to get into the habit of looking for the good. If you don’t have one, or have gotten out of the habit of keeping one, restart your practice today.

You’ll be glad you did – and so will I!