3 Top Employee Engagement and Gratitude Articles for the Week of November 14, 2014

Because there are so many great articles on employee engagement and creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, I want to share the best of these resources with you. Here are my favorites from this week. I have included some of my thoughts on these gratitude strategies (“Grategies”) and would like to hear your comments too.

Traveling For The Best: Examining Engagement And Travel Policies In The World’s Best Places To Work by Jay Campbell

(Business Travel News) “At the end of the day, an intrinsic connection to one’s work and one’s company is what truly drives performance, inspires discretionary effort, and improves well-being. If these basic needs are not fulfilled, then even the most extravagant perks will be little more than window dressing.”

My Thoughts: Even with my travel schedule, I never considered the impact of travel on employee engagement. This article sheds light on what the best places to work for are doing to make business travel easier.

Workzone: Good Leadership Key to Loving Your Job by Anne Belser

(Post Gazette.com) “Your company’s leadership is making you feel unloved. “In most cases, it’s because of the leader,” said Jim Concelman, vice president of leadership for Development Dimensions International in Scott. “The leader is the biggest driver of employee engagement.””

My Thoughts: That’s why starting with the leadership is to important when it comes to changing the culture. It all starts at the time.  Management retreats are one of my very favorite programs to present!

25 Staff Appreciation and Recognition Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank by Monica from People Metrics

(You Earned it) “Disgruntled or apathetic employees can suck the energy out of the sales transaction they perform. On the other hand, engaged employees pass on their enthusiasm to customers. In fact, customers are more likely to become engaged if they are served by passionate employees.”

My Thoughts:  I like lists almost as much as I like acronyms. These 25 ideas really work, and cost little to nothing to implement.


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