Peace, Joy and Jello

jello Lisa Ryan Chief Appreciation Strategist GrategyPeace, joy and order are contagious.  When they are present in you, they will spread into the environment that you are in, or that you pay attention to.” Bob Lancer

Using the UrbanSpoon App, I found a restaurant that sounded perfect. A fun, family atmosphere with great Vietnamese food and rave reviews was just what I needed after a full day of training and only an apple for lunch.

The owner led me to a table and the son took my order.  He recommended the combo plate, and I took him up on it.  The food was amazing, it was a fun, family atmosphere, and to top it off, the grandmother brought me out a beautiful Vietnamese Jell-O mold for dessert.  When the son gave me the bill, he inquired as to how I enjoyed everything. Because of my enthusiastic response, he asked if I would give them an online review.  I told him I would post one on UrbanSpoon.  He asked, “Yelp too?”  Of course.

The way you treat your customers makes a much bigger difference today than it did just a few years ago. Receiving bad service “back in the day” may have given you cause to tell five or ten friends about your experience. Today, a single Tweet that goes viral has the capacity to influence hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.  Each and every one of your customers matter. You have no idea their Klout score or the influence that that person can wield to make or break your business. When you choose to treat everyone as your honored guest, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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If you don’t think social media matters to large companies, go to YouTube and look up “United Breaks Guitars.”

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