3 Top Employee Engagement and Gratitude Articles for the Week of October 3, 2014

Because there are so many great articles on employee engagement and creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, I want to share the best of these resources with you. Here are my favorites from this week. I have included some of my thoughts on these gratitude strategies (“Grategies”) and would like to hear your comments too.

Being Thankful at Work: The Impact of Gratitude in the Workplace by Vanessa Buote

(Plasticity) “With the growing field of positive psychology, more and more researchers are exploring the concept of gratitude; expressing appreciation for what one has.”

My Thoughts: I love all of the research that is being done on gratitude in the workplace. Make sure to download the report that is at the end of the article. It gives great tips on specifically focusing on gratitude on work to create a culture change.

5 Ways To Recognize Your Talent Culture by Meghan M. Biro

(Forbes.com) “Think about what it means to be happy at work at for people at levels of your organization – from product development to sales to marketing to HR. Talk it over with your leadership team, and come up with an actionable list of five things you can do right now to rebuild your company’s culture.”

My Thoughts: Yes, this article was written as a “New Year’s Resolution” article. It doesn’t matter, start now to change your corporate culture. This article gives you some great places to start.

Attributes of a motivated staff by Cleofe Maceda

(Gulfnews.com) “It is important that employees “have an intense sense of belonging and desire to be a part of the organisation” and are “motivated and exert effort toward success in their job and for the company.””

My Thoughts: The way your employees talk about your organization when they are not at work is an important factor in how engaged they are. If they leave work at work, they may not be as committed as you think they are.


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