Helping Others Get Ahead Helps You

Lisa Ryan Grategy clapping“Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders.” Bob Moawad

When I accepted my job in medical sales, I was left with the task of giving my two-week notice to my boss.  I knew it was going to be a difficult conversation, as I had worked for Dale for six years and we were good friends.

I called Dale first thing in the morning to share the news. I asked him if he was sitting down, and then shared that I had taken a new position.  He said nothing. I told him, “Let’s talk in a couple hours when you’ve had time to process what I just said.”

A few hours later, we had a conversation and I let him know everything that my new position offered. I was going from a straight-commission, independent contractor to a Territory Manager with a large medical company, nice salary, excellent benefits, company car, etc. It was a definite upgrade in my career.

Instead of being mad or disappointed in my leaving, Dale opted to be proud of me. He was excited to see he leap I was making in my career, and as he looked to fill my position, he used my story as a source of encouragement to show potential candidates where they could land in time.

To this day, Dale has always been one of my biggest supporters and best friends. I am grateful that he chose to help me in my career with his encouragement instead of keeping me back.

Who has helped you in your career?  Make it a point to acknowledge their support today.

PS – If you don’t already have a “Dale” in your life, make it a point to find one.

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