The Hardest Arithmetic to Master

Lisa Ryan Grategy kitten Simba“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”  Eric Hoffer

When our seventeen-year-old cat, Tigger died, it was very difficult for both us, but particularly for my husband, Scott.  Tigger was his baby and he missed her terribly. After several months of grieving, Scott was ready to adopt a new kitten.

We visited a local shelter and Scott picked up a tiny, scrawny grey kitten who weighed a mere 2.6 pounds.  As he held her, not only did she start purring, she tried climbing onto his shoulder, exactly like Tigger used to do. This tiny angel won Scott’s heart, and Simba came home with us.

Unfortunately, Simba had just about every disease in the book.  She was malnourished, had roundworms, an upper respiratory infection, goopy eyes, and some kind of skin “funk.” Needless to say, Simba got to be an expensive kitty very quickly.

We could have counted the money we spent on Simba and complained about it.  Instead, we focused on the blessings and joy she brought to our home.  She’s now healthy it’s a joy to be around kitten energy again.

Next time you open your mouth to complain about something, see if you can find one good thing about the situation. Express your appreciation for it, even if it’s in your head (of course, it’s better out loud.) By changing your focus you will discover that you can always find something good, even if’s just a tiny, scrawny little thing.
PS – The math in the checkbook is not nearly as important as the arithmetic of the heart.

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