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“When you view your world with an attitude of gratitude, you are training yourself to focus on the good in life.” Paul J. Meyer

Here’s an email from a subscriber that beautifully illustrated the power of reconnecting with people.  Here’s what Rita had to say:

“Re-connect, forget the old arguments, the insecurities of youth or something that hurt – years ago.  Wounds heal and now, we must too.  If you can’t say “sorry”, say, “I missed you.  I missed our time together.”

“My dad passed away years ago but his older brother, my Uncle Ron, stayed a distant relative.  Of course, my parent’s divorce put a huge gap in the family on dad’s side.  I barely knew my dad but after his second wife passed, his new friend encouraged him to reconnect.  We started doing what we did when I was young, dinners to talk the night away.  Then he suddenly had a massive heart attack and he was gone.  That left my Uncle Ron, only brother and family survivor, but he was still distant. I thought he wanted no part of his ex-sister-in-law’s family.

“But I was wrong and realized that just a few years ago.  I called him and I went to see him. He is 92 and I know each day is a blessing.  When I am too busy and I don’t have time to call, I think, today may be his last and then I have the urge to reconnect. We must treasure what we have and live for no-regrets.  We must be grateful.”

Thank you so much, Rita. The effort of reconnecting is worth it!

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PS – I do love to hear your stories. Please keep them coming!

PPS – I got the video back from Disrupt HR. This program was 5 minutes long, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide, scrolling automatically. Here’s my take on why employees don’t care about engagement: https://disrupthr.co/vimeo-video/sweat-the-small-stuff-smart-strategies-to-engage-employees-lisa-ryan-disrupthr-talks/