Top Three Employee Engagement and Appreciation Articles for the Week of March 20, 2015

Because there are so many great articles on employee engagement and creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, I want to share the best of these resources with you. Here are my favorites from this week. I have included some of my thoughts on these gratitude strategies (“Grategies”) and would like to hear your comments too.

Study: Most Companies Don’t Have an Employee Engagement Strategy by Kate Maddox

(Ad Age) “Another big problem is that most companies lack a culture that supports employee engagement, Altimeter found. Only 51% of respondents said employees clearly understand and support the purpose and mission of the organization, and only 45% of respondents said employees have a clear understanding of what they should and should not do on social channels when it comes to company-related topics.”

My Thoughts:  In school, a grade of 51% is failing. I believe this applies to business too.

Four Rules for Using Digital Technology to Boost Employee Engagement By David Farquhar

(Business 2 Community) “Needless to say, technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work and communicate. Employers can no longer afford to think only about how the latest technologies benefit the customer, but also how they keep the organization. By leveraging more traditional, customer-facing social and mobile technologies along with next-generation scheduling systems, retailers designate employees as stakeholders and boost organizational efficiency while driving a better in-store experience.”

My Thoughts:  Technology is here to stay.  With a generation of “digital natives” coming into the workforce, it’s more important than ever to connect your employees with the technology they need to be more engaged and efficient.

Why Employee Recognition is So Important by Kim Harrison

(Cutting Edge PR) “The Walt Disney World Resort established an employee recognition program that resulted in a 15% increase in staff satisfaction with their day-to-day recognition by their immediate supervisors. These results correlated highly with high guest-satisfaction scores, which showed a strong intent to return, and therefore directly flowed to increased profitability.  Likewise, Sears, Roebuck & Co. found for every 5% increase in employee attitude scores, they saw a 1-3% increase in customer satisfaction and a 0.5% increase in revenue.”

My thoughts:  When implementing a new engagement program, take the time to measure the results. You may be surprised as to the actual financial impact it has on your business.


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