Top Three Employee Engagement and Gratitude Articles for the week of December 12, 2014

Because there are so many great articles on employee engagement and creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace, I want to share the best of these resources with you. Here are my favorites from this week. I have included some of my thoughts on these gratitude strategies (“Grategies”) and would like to hear your comments too.

3 Things Your Company Needs To Know About The Future Of Work by Jen Cohen Crompton

(Business to Community) “Employee engagement will matter more than ever. Employees who aren’t engaged cost companies money. Gallup statistics show that 87 percent of those in the global workforce are not engaged in their work and therefore, they are unable to power the needed innovation to push organizations forward. On the flipside, on average, highly engaged employees are 50 percent more likely to exceed expectations, which leads to businesses that outperform their competitors.

My Thoughts: This article, like so many, show the numbers that support the “soft skill” of employee engagement.  There is nothing soft about it.


Employers increasingly strive to keep workers happy by Callum Borchers

(The Boston Globe) “When workers are invested in their company, and believe in its vision and management, they are happy and productive. When they’re not, they just might go on strike, organize a customer boycott, or force an owner to sell the business to a bitter family rival.”

My Thoughts: I loved the idea of taking your entire staff to Cancun – now THAT’S engagement!


Should Employees And Employers Really Be Building An ‘Alliance?‘ by Jacob Morgan

(Forbes) “During a tour of duty an employee commits to completing something for the employer and the employer commits to helping the employee advance their career, learn new skills, grow their network, etc.”

My thoughts: This is a win/win concept.  The employer gets what he/she wants from the employee and the employee, in turn, has the opportunity to grow personally and professionally – preparing them for their best opportunity.


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