The Twists and Turns of Life by Guest Blogger Dave Block

Lisa Ryan - Twists and Turns of Life Life puts us all through all sorts of different twists and turns. We are forever and consistently being presented with situations that challenge us, make us grow to become better people, teach us divine lessons about life, and make us into more conscious beings. But it’s during difficult moments when we are given the opportunity to not just rise to the occasion, but learn something profound about ourselves.

We may discover, for example, that we are a lot stronger and courageous than we originally thought. We may even find our true purpose and meaning in life. When we are facing this uncertainty, one of the easiest and quickest ways to train your brain to think positive is by practicing GRATITUDE. By practicing gratitude, your mind becomes focused on the good in your life. It brings you to the moment. It brings you to the NOW! Because you can’t be grateful and not be present.

The best thing about gratitude is when you live with a grateful heart, you are able to see both sides of a situation, good or bad, and can better understand its true meaning. I have found the power of gratitude to be an amazing force that starts the process of happiness going. How else can you explain the people that come into your life, the opportunities that become available, and the inner feelings of pure joy that engulf your life when you live a life of gratitude.

What an amazing feeling it is to give and receive unconditional love for another person. What a wonderful world it would be if we could open up and share the love and gratitude we already have within us. All I can say is that, Gratitude really works!

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Dave Block, aka “The Gratitude Guy” is a social entrepreneur, visionary, and continues reminder to us all about the benefits of choosing to live a life of gratitude. By inspiring others to reach for their full potential, the true happiness that was intended for our lives can be experienced. Follow Dave on Twitter as @mygratitudelife or his Facebook page, The Gratitude Guy.

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