Be nice to everyone you meet.

pexels helena lopes 1904105“Be nice to everyone you meet. You don’t know when they will show up in your life again.” Lisa Ryan

The first time it happened was on the golf course, probably ten years ago. I went out to play a par three course by myself and got teamed up with another couple. When I asked them, “Where are you from?”, I discovered the guy was from Garfield Hts., Ohio. Because, and I had lived there for ten years, a little further probing revealed that he and his family lived directly across the street from me. Thank goodness I always said “hi” to his mom, who was our “neighborhood watch” committee from the comfort of the front porch.

As I was headed to a meeting with a potential client, I held the elevator door for a few people who were several steps behind me. Guess who was in the same meeting?!!! Do you think the meeting may have gotten off on a different foot if I had let the door close in their faces?

At the last several speaking events, I’ve had people let me know that not only have they attended programs of mine, but they also read and share Gratitude Thought for the Week with their employees, friends, and family. It’s nice to know that these weekly thoughts are getting around!

It only takes a moment to be kind. Hold the door. Greet people with a smile. Say “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Whether or not you ever see that person again, at least you know you contributed to a positive experience and not a negative one.

PS – You don’t know what that person went through two minutes before your interaction with them. You have the power to make someone’s day better – or not. Choose wisely!

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