Appreciate us, recognize us, listen to us.

pexels gabby k 5273652“Appreciate us, recognize us, listen to us” – this is what your employees want. Are you giving it to them?” – Steve Schmidt

Gratitude is not only good for us personally, but it’s also good for business too! Steve, a long-time subscriber, shares his story about how he was able to turn around his company, a manufacturing plant, with a few good ideas.

Here’s his story: “Years ago, the manufacturing plant was about to close the doors. The VP of Manufacturing (my boss), the HR manager, and I (Plant Manager) met with the union committee to explain the dire circumstances. We only had thirty days before the plant was to shut down. We asked the committee how to turn around the plant. The managers didn’t have a clue, and we were there to listen.  Within 45 minutes the Chief Union steward presented me with a 3″ X 5” card.

“On the card, they shared what they wanted:

“-Appreciate Us

-Recognize Us

-Listen to Us (the tough part)

-We have done it, we can do it, we will do it.

“This formula became the basis for our cost improvements. We highlighted the status of each and every item on a bulletin board for everyone to see. Instead of closing the doors, the plant earned at least $1.5M net profit in every year for the next 15 years!”

It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or effort to let your employees know you appreciate their efforts. Take the time to recognize them when they do things well. Listen to them – they see their jobs and your business differently than you do. Finally, empower them to get the job done.

This “magical formula” turned around Steve’s plant, and the chances are good that it will work for you – no matter what business you’re in!

PS – Your culture didn’t happen overnight, it’s not going to change overnight. Start making small changes now, and over time you’ll see big results!

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